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  "This is one of my favourite CD's. Masterfully written, beautifully sung. It brings me closer to God. I have given it as a gift to many of my friends."  

Sir James Galway

"Wilton knows exactly what he wants to achieve, and does so through brevity, elegance and economy. He understands structure, does not write a note too much, and has fine melodic inspiration. There is harmonic beauty derived from a close following of the common practice rules of the classical period, allied to a distinctive, personal voice and sensibility."

David Arditti, composer,


"This little-known composer's music is beautifully sung by the eight singers of Magnificat. Blend and tuning are impeccable, while the musical shaping of the phrase is thoughtfully done and most effective... a well-balanced disc which is most welcome."


Cathedral Music


"There is a haunting Byrdian pathos in the melodies which seems at the same time to have come out of the suffering of modern Catholics at the destruction of the visible Latin Church after Vatican II and the persecution and marginalization of the tiny minority graced with the knowledge that what has been ordered by Rome is of satanic inspiration. You have somehow translated this suffering into your music. I think that posterity will recognize it clearly as a product of Catholic tradition reduced to its direst straits in the last three decades of the 20th century."


Geoffrey Hull, Catholic writer and author of The Banished Heart


"Nicholas Wilton is a young composer based in England. This collection of his liturgical hymns and antiphons is inspired by the best of the Catholic tradition."



  "I think that your compositions are absolutely beautiful."  

Kaikoo Lalkaka, Guild Records, Switzerland.


"I do congratulate you - beautiful music with a distinct character, excellent singing and a very good recording."


Jon Dixon, Composer, General editor, JOED Music Publications